modern living

Accredited Builder, Tom Bertram, started Not So Tiny to diversify his farm and address the increasing cost of building by offering his clients upfront costing and ready-built spaces.

Built in a workshop on Tom’s East Tamar property, the design that became known as ‘not so tiny’ stemmed into a business. Having previously lived in a shipping container with a growing family, Tom understands how valuable an additional metre is to everyday living and the feel of a space. This is the reason why the design draws on additional height and width to create an aesthetically pleasing look with ample storage for everyday living.

The luxury homes are designed to meet extensive energy, fire, coastal, and council requirements, making them suitable for the majority of sites across Tasmania. The fully engineered homes come complete with modern appliances and offer customisable living spaces in three sizes, catering to singles, couples, small businesses, and families alike.


“Our small Tasmanian business Not So Tiny stemmed from understanding clients want to create living space, to downsize, holiday or even run their own businesses from their backyard. However, with the cost of building increasing, they also want upfront costing. To meet these needs, we designed an energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing product that combines comfort and luxury. Having lived in a shipping container, we understand how valuable any additional space is to everyday living and the feel of a room…which is why we created a not so tiny take on what is commonly known as a tiny home.”

- Tom bertram (accredited builder / director)

about tom

  • Accredited builder for 10+ years
  • Qualified mechanical fitter
  • Engages qualified trades to complete the builds, of which he has a long history of working with.
  • Works out of a private workshop on his farm.
  • Current designs are a bi product of previously built small living and personal experience living in alternate designs, including refurbished shipping containers.
  • Over 19 years collaboration in renovations and new builds with his wife Ange.

supporting all things tasmanian & sustainable

At Not So Tiny, we believe in the importance of supporting local businesses and industries. That’s why we are proud to source materials and products from Tasmanian businesses. Tasmania has a rich history of craftsmanship and innovation, and we are dedicated to promoting and preserving this legacy.

By supporting Tasmanian-sourced products, we not only help to stimulate the local economy but also ensure that our Not So Tiny homes are crafted with the highest quality materials and products available. We believe our commitment to supporting Tasmanian-sourced products is not only a smart business decision, but also a way to promote sustainability and community-building in the places where we live and work.

Optional Extras

Optional extras have been quoted, so Not So Tiny can offer an indication of expected pricing. Pricing can also be provided for a woodfire, heat pump, or hydronic heating.

Colour Palette

We create our modern aesthetic with a selection of warm neutral colours and textured finishes. We understand some clients may wish to change this colour palette, therefore offer a lighter and darker alternative at the same costing. Clients are also welcome to source their own interior finishes for altered costings.